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The Mejorando Group is comprised of professionals who have served as executives and managers in a variety of public- and private-sector organizations. We offer extensive experience, strong people management skills, seasoned judgment, and a valuable perspective that allows us to have an immediate impact on the performance of your organization’s employees.


Patrick Ibarra : Partner and Co FounderPatrick Ibarra : Partner and Co Founder

As co-founder and partner in the Mejorando Group, Patrick Ibarra is an entrepreneur of ideas who brings organizations over 31 years experience and in-depth expertise from serving as a Consultant and Manager in both public and private sector organizations, including as a city manager.

With over 15 years experience serving in four cities of varying size primarily as a City Manager or Assistant City Manager he effectively blends his background serving in government with his seasoned experience as an external OD consultant by providing a valuable perspective in partnering with government leaders. He possesses an in-depth understanding of the daily workings of government – political aspects, the role of budgets, sometimes continuously shifting priorities, the influence of internal and external (i.e. media, community groups, etc.) stakeholders, and managing delivery of essential services and programs – that is woven seamlessly together enabling his advice and recommendations for improvement to succeed. Mr. Ibarra's perspective and experience are enormously helpful as he partners with government leaders in co-creating ambitious and practical approaches to performance improvement.

Patrick is one of the country's leading experts on government succession planning and has designed and implemented organization-wide programs for the cities of Bismarck (ND), Colleyville (TX), Greensboro (NC), and Irvine (CA). In addition he has collaborated with a number of organizational leaders on crafting strategies and techniques to address the impacts of the changing workforce demographics on workplace-related subjects.

Patrick holds two advanced degrees, a Masters in Public Administration and a Masters in Organizational Development. He is certified in Facilitation Skills by Development Dimensions International and by the Center for Creative Leadership for assessment and performance support tools (i.e. 360-Degree Assessments) including Benchmarks, 360 by Design and Executive Dimensions.

Patrick is an Adjunct Faculty Associate at Arizona State University teaching a graduate course on organizational change.

A frequent speaker at conferences of professions within government, Patrick shares practical strategies to leaders in their pursuit to move their organization forward in all directions. He also authors articles offering specific actions government leaders and managers can implement to immediately improve organizational performance.
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Mary Kay Peck: ExpertMary Kay Peck: Expert

Mary Kay Peck, FAICP, specializes in performance improvement, development service center formation and organizational management, with a emphasis on development related functions. Ms. Peck builds on experience as a city manager, assistant city manager and planning director. Her efforts have resulted in national recognition for performance improvement, customer service, organizational excellence and development service center operation.

As president of the American Planning Association, Peck led the organization's first communication plan and membership growth strategy. She has presented nationally and internationally on leadership, management and planning. Peck has managed award winning projects, including the Southern Nevada Regional Plan, Downtown Henderson Investment Strategy, Henderson Visual Interactive Code, and Springhill, Montana Community Plan. She serves as an adjunct faculty member at St. Petersburg College, teaching urban and regional planning courses.
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Bill Statler: ExpertBill Statler: Expert

With over 30 years of years of senior municipal financial management experience – which included serving as the Director of Finance & Information Technology/City Treasurer for the City of San Luis Obispo for 22 years – Bill Statler provides financial management advice and training to local government agencies in a broad range of areas, including fiscal and budget policies, long-term financial planning, budget balancing strategies and organizational analysis.

Along with his senior financial management experience, Bill has provided a broad range of advice, policies and plans for the Cities of Camarillo, Ceres, Salinas, Pismo Beach, Port Hueneme, Grover Beach and Arroyo Grande.

Bill is also a frequent speaker at professional conferences and seminars and has provided training for the GFOA, League of California Cities and California Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO). He has authored several articles providing advice on fiscal heath strategies; and co-authored a book on local government finance, which will be published by Solano Press in Fall 2011. Bill has played a leading role in the municipal finance profession, serving as President of the CSMFO, President of the League's Fiscal Officers Department and on the League Board of Directors.
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Melissa Taylor: Expert

Melissa has created and led highly-successful community and economic development organizations and programs for more than 25 years. As a veteran practitioner in the public services arena and a national senior consultant, she brings multi-faceted expertise to both public and corporate clients. With experience as the Director of Economic Development of two cities and a practicing consultant to governments and non-profits in the area of community building and economic development growth strategies, Ms. Taylor, brings to her clients seasoned counsel and a proven track record of success.
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