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Ever feel like your organization's potential is greater than it's output? - Mejorando Group

The experts at the Mejorando Group are skilled at helping government organizations achieve optimal performance.

We provide consulting, organizational improvement services, and leadership and management skills training designed to get results.

We are one of the country's leading experts in designing and implementing government succession planning programs for government agencies. Check out our special section devoted entirely to governmental Succession Planning and Management and you will find articles, tools you can immediately use, description of our services, all kinds of stuff that is sure to help!

A solid record of successand a growing list of clientsis proof that our dynamic, interactive, and holistic approach to improving organizational performance works.

Mejorando: Mejorando Group: Results-Based Consulting and Performance Training For The Public And Private Sectors

“Mejorando” is a Spanish word meaning “getting better all the time.” It reflects our approach with clients who seek to improve the performance of their organizations and the individuals within them.

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"When I was elected I was surprised to find out that the City of Bismarck never had a comprehensive strategic plan. The Mayor and all the other commissioners agreed that we should have a roadmap in place for what we want the city to look like in five to ten years, especially because we're experiencing rapid growth in the current oil boom. Patrick Ibarra and the Mejorando Group had a clear vision for making the project work so we could discover our own answers, and he made effective use of Facebook and other social media tools to promote the project and gather public input. The response has been tremendous...We have a real sense of ownership of the strategic plan, and we're looking forward to using it to build a stronger community."

Josh Askvig
City Commissioner
City of Bismarck, North Dakota

Start Getting Better Right Away with The Mejorando Group: Results-Based Consulting and Performance Training For The Public And Private Sectors

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